Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Newspapers: When I first moved Nottingham, people used to ask me what newspaper do you read? I used to say USA Today, the Boston Globe or the Hudson-Litchfield News in the US. Then I told them that I picked up a few different papers (Times, Guardian, Independent, and Telegraph), so I could get a diverse views on subjects. They all laughed when I said that. I did not realize that the newspaper you read gives away your political party affiliation way in England. While flying to Frankfurt, Germany, a German gentleman told me that the tabloids are for those who don’t read, and the broad sheets are to confirm your political and world view. He was correct. At first I picked up the Sun and it looked like a cheap version of Maxim or FHM with the latest weather and sports. I figure they would have a point/counterpoint editorial section as USA Today has, but what was passed as news, was biased opinion. I find the Economist and Financial Times the best sources of news.
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