Sunday, July 13, 2003

On BBC2 at 8:00 pm Sunday one of my favorite shows "Top Gear" starts. It is a “blokes” show, you know? How often will you be able to test drive Mclaren F-1 at 180 mph? Jeremy Clarkson knows how bust Americans chops when he states “Yanks will like the Segway, because they will not have to walk to the refrigerator.” James May did a great profile of future of the automobile and it is even a GM product. You can even vote for the best car ever. I voted for the Ford Mustang.

The other show I like is "How clean is your house?" It makes me feel that my wife and I are doing quite well, when it comes to keep in our house clean. Some of those rat infested, stink holes are beyond me. How can any human being in the 21st century from a first world country live in such a dirty house? And raise children in those dirt pits?!

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