Thursday, August 21, 2003

Living in Nottingham gives me relief from one of the horrors of living in New England-watching the Boston Red Sox. It is that time of year to watch my favorite team’s annual slide to hell. You cannot fully understand what it is like to go to work and hear you co-workers moan about blown pitches, limp bats, and leaving runners on bases. One of my co-workers is a spry 72 years young. He has been a season ticket holder for the past 65 years and to hear the litany of sins that has been committed by the management and the team is biblical in proportion. So every night I have been surfing over to the Red Sox web site to see that they are barely holding the wild card spot for post-season play and it is disheartening. I am thinking of getting North American Sports Network (NASN) and praying to God that the Red Sox will win the World Series.
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