Sunday, August 03, 2003

Pumpkin update- She is turning two next week and we will be at Granny’s in Ireland for her birthday party. It will be a Telebubbies extravaganza! There will be a Telebubbie cake, invites, and balloons. I bet all the little ones there will have a good time.

Also Pumpkin loves trains. Since we saw Thomas, she goes around the house making the “choo-choo” sound and moving her arms like the arms on the side of the steam train that moves the wheels.

Also Mummy is with child! We will be meeting the mid-wife this week. Since we are in England, we will try the NHS. Most of the local residents have good things to say about Queen’s Medical Center or City Hospital in Nottingham. Pumpkin was born at Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Boston with a HMO plan, so we can compare the two different systems. Mummy went to meet the doctor and her opinion of him, he thought that the US did too many tests and there was no need for bed rest, even if she had a few medical complications. I thought our doctor in the US did an outstanding job to ensure that Mummy and Pumpkin had the best medical care. I hope our new doctor here in England is not cutting corners.

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