Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I have never of heard of them before I went on my honeymoon- Travelers. While my wife and I were driving from Dublin Airport to Howth on the Baldoyle Road there was a collection of camper trailers or caravans with literally tons of illegally dumped construction debris and other garbage on the side of it. A woman was burning a pile of rubbish. I was told that they have no fixed address and they do shady or cowboy work on homes. It looked like a scene from a third world country. Then a coworker told me about how travelers trashed a park and descended on the front lawn of a contractor. It took weeks to get rid of them. When you drive around England you see a bar or something that look like a big soccer goal post going across access roads to parks or parking lots, they are there to keep travelers out. Now they have struck in Nottingham.
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