Thursday, October 02, 2003

I just received this in the email in basket:

We're looking for 2-3 MAJ and 1 LTC. The background preference is
Combat arms, although a MI person is helpful. They should have good
Computers skills especially MS Office. The tour would start mid-NOV until the 101st Division returns (MAR/APR 04) but the tour could last up to 1 year.
The CDR mention a need for junior enlisted (E-4 and below) with a
Background of combat arms or signal. Duties would be RTO work and staff support.
Again, we support the G-3 Division so that's where we'll be. I hear
That it's not a very glamorous job; staff work, no days off, desert environment, hostiles nearby, everyday much the same.

It's assumed that the soldier's CDR will release them from their unit
in the 94th (or wherever) and assigned them to us. It's only a month to screen so sooner is better in recommending soldiers. SRP would start
early NOV.

End of Email Message.

If I were single when the US Army crossed into Iraq this year, well I would have been crossing the LD (line of departure) in boots, but fate has it that I am now in England. When I was an infantry company commander during the first Gulf War, my unit was preparing to round out the 101st. We expecting to march up to Baghdad after liberating Kuwait. You know what happened and I remember that my RTO/driver said we would be back to clean up that mess. I am not sure what happened to him, but I think he should be going for First Sergeant.

I think we are winning.
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