Thursday, October 30, 2003

Part of living here in England is visiting High Street in small towns. Each town or village has a High Street where all the merchants sell their wares. The ones around my village are ok, but definitely lower middle class. Nothing of high fashion, designer labels or high tech stores, just a few stores that are part of a chain (card shops, a bookstore with a slim selection, consumer electronics, chemist/pharmacist), major banks, a food shop and a few government subsidized charity shops selling second hand clothes. People will bemoan the decline of high street, Great Britain, but they will go to the big, specialty box shops that spring up on the edge of the major cities or patronize the city center malls, for better deals and customer service. In a way it is just like America with the decline of the main street versus Wal-Mart, Circuit City and others.

Some people at eBay need to get a life.
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