Sunday, October 19, 2003

Pumpkin Girl update. She is getting bigger and smarter. She knows how to turn the TV on with the correct remote and flip the cable box to her favorite channel CBBC. Balamorry and Tweenies are her favorite shows. Pumpkin loves to help out. She can unload the dishwasher and even helps washing dishes. She will drag her step stool across the kitchen floor to the sink, climb up, grab a rag and start washing the dishes. If we could teach her to rinse them off it would be great. Also she is going to music class at the Beeston Community Center. She knows how to dance and even sings the “Wheels on the bus and the ittys bittys spider” songs. I usually take her to the playground after work a few times a week and she loves the swings and slide. Also she gives me the thumbs up and yells WHOAAH or Airborne after jumping off the swing. Guess who taught her that? Soon we will be sending her to pre-school. Time flies and my little girl is growing up.
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