Friday, October 03, 2003

This past weekend we went to Sherwood Forest and hung out with Robin Hood and his merry men. Well…we saw the tree that he hid in. It was fun to walk around on the trails that Robin Hood may have used. The Visitor Center was informative and they even had a play ground for Pumpkin Girl!

Here is the way that the US Army and the rest of the military will be fighting. Will the rest of our allies be able to keep up with us? I think the British, Israelis, and Japanese will, but not on the scale or speed that we will be operating. On small scale or long term operations there might be a few other nations can join in the party, but not many. That is why a few countries and non-state organizations are putting on their thinking caps and trying to figure out ways to counter our methods and equipment. Will they be successful? I am not sure, because the three letter organizations are getting back into the game in a big way to cover the areas and ways that the army can not offically conduct. No more analyzing problems, time to solve them.
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