Monday, December 29, 2003

While in Ireland for Christmas and St. Stephens day, I went out for some Irish craic or a fun at a pub. I had to stay sober since I was driving home and everybody was talking about their Christmas dinners. All were having fun until some friends of a friend came in and told us about their house being burglarized while going to Christmas church services. To ad insult to injury thieves just did not steal 650 Euros worth of cash and gifts; they trashed the place and drank a few bottles of beers and booze. The wedding ring of the widow's husband was even taken.

I stated the thieves were idiots to do that since they must have left finger prints or DNA around. Everybody nodded, but I was told that the Garda or Irish Police said that it would take three to four weeks to process the evidence and few more weeks to arrest the perpetrators. A few said the police would never arrest anybody or they would the perps would walk away doing no jail time. One of the fellows said everybody knew who did it, and before the Good Friday Agreement, certain republicans would make sure this type of crime would have never happened or if it did the perps would not be walking for a long time. They now stated that now crime is rampant and the police can not do anything about it. It is sad when decent people talk of terrorists fondly, but are now openly part of the crime problem or just politicians.

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