Friday, January 02, 2004

From Phil Carter at intel dump
The Israelis are now forming mixed (male/female) infantry and combat arms units.

This should be interesting.

When I was an S-4 in a field artillery battalion, we had a few female soldiers attached to us in the Logistics Operation Center (LOC). Out of the four, one was a cadet who was going to be a nurse and she let us know that she was not going to a happy being stuck in the field. So we made her a runner between us, brigade and the rear detachment. The rest were very good soldiers, they dealt with all the hardships of a field exercise, but they did have a few weaknesses. They were all right in static defensive positions, but when we did aggressive patrolling around our position, it took a toll on them physically. They were more susceptible to injuries and tired easier. They were only 5’2” to 5’5” so they did not have the strength or endurance that the males had. Also they had a lower BS level with all the CS gas, crap food, lack of sleep, rain, and other small pains that accumulate over a field problem. It was a leadership issue to maximize the strengths of the troops to minimize their weaknesses and to keep the unit going.

One issue that we did not have to deal with in the field was the sexual relationship devil. Everybody was professional, but once we came out of the field a few weeks later, we lost one of the female soldiers due to getting pregnant. She went up to brigade and we were short another troop.

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