Friday, January 16, 2004

In our work area we have a big screen TV and in the past it had CNN Europe on 24/7 playing on it. Yesterday they had a three “journalists” yakking away about how horrible it was to operate under the CPA and the US military. Everybody stopped working and had the WTF look on their face. Can the “journalists” remember operating with Saddam’s handlers? When they had to compromise what they were reporting or they where in deep crap? Now the TV is on CNBC Europe, most of their content is business or financial headlines. Everybody agreed that CNN was recycled crap of corporate and government PR statements. Who ever says that soldiers are not the smartest guys or gals on the planet would be amazed if they heard the talk derivatives, stock options and other investment and economic policy from all the ranks. Some of the privates could give the suits of Wall Street a run for their money. To give us a break from the news, we are evaluating MTV2 Pop that is broadcast in German. Britney still looks the same.
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