Saturday, January 10, 2004

People are talking about President Bush’s new policy concerning illegal emigrants. But I think people are missing two major issues.

First, what is the root cause to drive Mexicans to become illegal aliens? Mexico has natural resources to become a prosperous country. Mexicans are smart and hard working people. They want a good future for themselves and their families, just like us. I think we need to help them root out the corruption and crime that endemic to their society that retards economic growth, but the majority of work will have to be done by them. Would you want to live in a society like that?

Second, how many CEOs, corporate managers, hiring or HR personnel are charged or go to jail for hiring illegal aliens? Illegal aliens know that companies will hire them. After a while you develop a nose on who is legal and who swam across the Rio Grande River. A bilingual graduate from Universidad Tecnológica de México with a diploma and all the paper work from employment agency with a green card is a sure bet to be legal versus some poor lad picking tomatoes in the Central Valley of California.

The present system is broke and we need to fix the roots of the problems that drive the most motivated workers to a foreign country to eek out a living.

If we give Mexico a break on immigration issues we need to press the Mexican government to grant us the same privileges for Americans to seek employment in Mexico. In the future many more Americans will be seeking work in sunny Mexico.

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