Friday, January 30, 2004

Sometimes I walk to work around 6:30 in the morning, the streets are quiet with no traffic and I can see all the cars sitting in the driveways. The neighborhood I live in is Middle English; most of the houses are single family dwellings or attached two family houses. When I am walking, I can see a BMW M-5 or 3 series, a Mercedes Benz, lots of Vauxhall Vectras, Ford Mondeos and some smaller cars. Why I mention this is because almost all the houses I pass by have garages. The cars are parked on the driveways and the garages are filled with “stuff.” This is because the cars are all too big for their garages. My neighbor has a Nissan Micra and that is almost too big for her garage. She has to park to one side of the garage to open her drivers door. I have come to the conclusion the only car that can fit in a British garage is a Morris Mini or MG midget. That is because you might be able to go thru the sunroof of the Mini or climb out the MG since it is a convertible. When walking home I saw a man working on his BMW X-5 and he could not get it in the garage.

Via Fainting in Coyles. America has conquered Europe. There is a Hip Hop version of Beethoven’s 9th symphony out now. It is the official anthem of the EU. When is the country western version coming out?

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