Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Did you know that the coach of the Patriots has a degree in economics from Wesleyan University? He even used statistics and economics modeling from Berkeley properly to get an edge over the Panthers. No wonder the Pats won the Super Bowl; the coaching staff is one on the smartest of the NFL.

I used to be a stage hand or roadie at concerts. Being up close and seeing the sound checks you can figure out who is lip syncing or actually singing. Most stripped down rock and roll acts pay live. I saw the Deftones recently and the lead singer was definitely singing because he improvised a few lyrics and the band spent a few minutes tuning the guitars in the middle of concert. Chino, the lead singer, gave a funny monologue, during the tuning. I saw James Taylor a few years ago as a roadie; he put a good show on and it was live. Even Van Halen and Cheap Trick did great shows. But with more sophisticated studio CDs, it will be harder to duplicate them live with out augmentation.

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