Sunday, February 29, 2004

Where is Sir Walter Raleigh? Sometimes Wifey goes to the hospital via the bus for medical check ups. Most of the time the bus is full and nobody gives up a seat to her, even when she is VISIBLY or eight months pregnant. Sometimes I go with her and I end up giving up my seat to her or to an OAP (Old Age Pensioner-British term for a senior citizen). Some people look surprised when they see this. I was just brought up that way. Some times when I am driving, I see somebody crossing the street, I stop to let them go and they are also surprised. When I was driving back from the center of Nottingham with my Wife’s Uncle following me in another car, I stopped, let a car in the opposite lane who was stopped and indicating to make a turn across my lane. He popped a gasket and when we arrived home he let me have it for beeing “too nice of American” and I better learn how to drive. Well, I could drive like a New York cabbie?

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