Tuesday, March 09, 2004

We just returned from the doctor’s office today. Wifey is due to deliver the newest member of the family next week some time. We are hoping for St. Patrick’s Day but all I want is a healthy child and a boring pain free delivery for Wifey.

Last week, Wifey tripped on one of Pumpkin Girls toys. She fell and injured her pelvis, hip and this put her in a great amount of pain. We ended up at the emergency clinic that evening. The doctor there was good and she made arrangements for Wifey to be admitted to the QMC’s delivery ward. When we showed up we were put in a nice room and hooked up to a baby monitor. Once when we heard the heart beat going at its normal, fast pace; we breathed a little easier. Another doctor saw us an hour later and did an examination. After that, the doctor said Wifey needed to be examined by an obstetrics doctor during the next day.

We were told that Wifey would see the doctor the next morning. Well, noon rolled by and we were still waiting to see the doctor. We asked the midwife what is going on and she said that they are short staffed in doctors, midwifes and physiotherapists, but one should be around by 2:00pm. At 4:00 we finally saw a doctor, who said we should see a physio (rehab) therapist for more help. That did not happen until the next or 2nd day. The staff at the hosital were nice and cheery. I wonder how they could be that way, being so over worked and under staffed.

The physiotherapist was accompanied by a student, who she kept asking for answers to our questions. This was unsetting to both of us. They showed Wifey how to get around the house on crutches, but when we asked more questions, she referred us to the midwife. After that we asked to get Wifey discharged and picked up her prescription of codine.

After that episode, Wifey took her medical notes and plugged key words into Google. Out came a few good reference papers that answered a few of our questions, but raised a few more.

When we showed up today, we gave the midwife a copy of one our papers and she started to read it. Then she asked if she could make copies of it for herself, the students and interns in the ward. Thank God for the internet and Google. We had some information and now we feel better that we can make decisions on how the birth and the rehabilitation afterwards will go.

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