Sunday, April 11, 2004

The Carerham is the fastest car in the UK to do 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds! It beats the Ferraris and Lamborghinis easily.

Sometimes I get mail from a troop is in Iraq, and this time he sent some photos. I will post some of them once in a while. Here is two of them:

To any kids out there thinking about becoming infantrymen, here is one of the meat and potatoes elements of being a grunt: scanning your sector. My team's job was to pull outer security on the building while another team searched it. My platoon sergeant and platoon leader came up with the plan for the raid and left to me the task of security. As a team leader, my job was to determine how to break the perimeter up into what are called sectors of fire. The above photo was my sector. If any lookyloos started poking their heads out, you'd tell them to get inside. If anyone got on a roof with a rifle, you'd shoot them. Establishing sectors of fire is not hard, you just place soldiers in locations where collectively the team has eyes on everything and some degree of cover, such as a wall or a corner of a building, and if any threats present themselves in your sector, you engage that threat.

Never tell a group of New Yorkers raiding your home that you can't find the keys to your car because they will open your car in a way you may not like.

Read about the nuclear Boy Scout! How to make nuclear reactor or get on the EPA watch list.
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