Friday, April 16, 2004

I used to like Andy Rooney, but I think he is a cynical crank who jumped the shark many years ago. Now he tells everybody that “reasons” why I joined the army . I think he is full of crap. Blackfive does a good job of refuting the dope. I don’t wear the uniform, because it spiffy looking or the money is great. It sucks to be away from my family and the money is not too good when you consider the hours and the working environment. I joined the Army to do interesting and exciting things, because I enjoy serving my country and many do not want to protect our country and somebody has to. Also they paid my student loans off; nobody would help me in the department. So Andy, cop a clue, the ‘60’s are history.

Lots of people are complaining about the number of US casualties in Iraq. I know each death is one too many, but compared to previous wars this one is pretty clean. I wonder how would the media of today would describe Omaha Beach (more here) or Iwo Jima? One statistic that the anti-war collation has not complied or has been paraded in the media is the number of dead Iraqis killed by former members of Saddam’s regime, Al Queda, or Iranian theocratic supporters? It must be in the thousands, but they don’t care.

Confronting the “Enemy Within”, What Can the United States Learn About Counterterrorism and Intelligence from Other Democracies? This is a study from the Rand Foundation and it is very informative.

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