Sunday, May 09, 2004

A friend just evaluated some training of this type: Truck Crews Get Crash Course in Survival. He said was pretty good and it will pay off by saving lives. Also it was like the second “Mad Max” movie. Maybe that is why the Army is making it recruiting goals.
Update: I was talking to a few soldiers later after I put the post up and they game me their comments. One of them put simply: “I am starring in a real live movie, with real bullets, rockets and getting paid to air out some #$%#$#(s. When I am on leave back home I will get some free beer and #*^ a high school cheerleader, anyways she is my girlfriend.

Fast Jets Not Ideal Choice for Close Air Support. Who came up with that idea has brains of Einstein. Going slow, so they see what they are shooting or bombing comes in handy. The Air Force and Naval Aviation might not think it is sexy and they don’t want to go any slower, but it comes in handy.

Bill Simmons writes why I think Friends suck.

Do you want to read about the biased broadcast corporation or the BBC? Here is the inside scoop.

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