Tuesday, May 18, 2004

It is simply numbers and facts that tell the truth. Milton Friedman is saying that the Euro might go to the history books.

"there is a strong possibility that the euro zone could collapse in the next few years because differences are accumulating between countries ... I'm not saying it is a certainty, just that it is a strong possibility".

He suggests that the euro could be replaced with the old national currencies.

One more quote to keep you thinking:

Furthermore, he believes that the EU - and even the US - will eventually be caught up by the rapidly growing economy of China.

"It is almost certain that, at the current rate of growth, China will overtake both the EU and the US. But this is quite a long time down the road".

Time to star learning Chinese?

So if Saddam had no chemical weapons, where did this crap come from? I feel sorry for the troops now in Iraq, because they will get to wear their MOPP gear for protection. Just wearing the suits in the heat of Iraq will increase the cases of heat exhaustion or just get sick.

Can somebody explain this to me?

Results of Homicide Bomber Attack on Bradley - WARNING:Bloody. Can you say pink mist?

Here is a new site that has the best maps of the Europe and America. Zoom in or out, it is quite amazing.
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