Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Navin, wrote to me about my post how thin skin HMMWV suck for the troops in Iraq and how the army is racing to supply them with the up armored version. He suggested the US Army supply the troops with Casspir APCs. They look pretty good to me and they work well against IED, but the insurgents are now using RPG-7V1. More information here. The Casspir APC looks like a good vehicle, against an RPG-7V1 I am not sure.

England loves soap operas. They are all over the place. When I was sick and housebound a few years back, I was watching them in the US and coming here it is interesting to watch the British soaps. The American shows would have “beautiful” people: pearly white, straight teeth, in shape, thin, coifed hair; you know the typical Hollywood actors and actresses. Here in Britain, it is more of the everyday or Middle English type of person, somebody off the street with average looks.

In America the characters would be head of some billion dollars, multinational corporation, or of high prominence. Here in England they own a chipper, small store, pub or just a housewife. More down to earth in scale, while America is a flight of fancy.

But there are many similarities. Conflicts are over miscommunication, greed, vanity or other plot devices that are old as drama itself. They are all morality tales for each culture.

Do you hate movies that violate the laws of physics and common sense? Here is Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics. It explains what should happen when a bomb goes off in outer space and interesting events in movies that happen all the time.

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