Sunday, May 09, 2004

Now you can go to Rick’s Café, just like in the movie, also in Ireland you can not smoke in pubs.

Those Iranian snowboarders:
Shemshak is as far from the traditional image of Iran as you can get. Girls wear hats and ski jackets instead of the regulation scarves and long manteaus. The resort appears a declared area of truce in the public morality battle being waged between the young and the conservative elements in Iran. Here,the talk is of foreign holidays, parties and expensive clothes. A large four-wheel drive vehicle pulls up by the cabin entrance. The thumping beat of reggae washes over the car park and five languid young men step out, stretching, yawning and smoking. Their long hair, goatee beards and garish, chunky clothing define them as snowboarders.
Via USS Nevermore

The Air Force is now going macho. Are they going to stop using the Marriot as barracks? If I were a young man and thinking of joining the military, this one would be on my list of units to join.

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