Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Philip Coggan writes an interesting article about Geopolitics and investments. How will Europe, China , Brazil, America and other countries look at the future? Will terrorist activities disrupt the markets that are built on the presumption of stable and free economies?

This article nails it on the head. al Qaeda basically told us that they are opposed to a democratic society and they will anything and everything to stop it. We will be there for fifty or more years. When I tell people that they gasp, but I ask them how long America has have had troops in Germany, Japan, or Korea? If we pull out of Iraq what will happen? If we pull out right now will al Qaeda declare a truce? I hate to tell everybody we are there for the long haul.

The media focus is on the blood shed, if it bleeds, it leads. Nobody will look at the news or buy newspapers if there is no mayhem. Most of the trouble is centered in a few hot spots and most of Iraq is busy recovering from 35 years of a brutal dictatorship. That effort to build new lives does not sell. The real effort against al Qaeda is being waged by the three lettered agencies in the shadows. Our grandchildren may read about the shadow war when it is declassified if we win. Nothing is guaranteed in life other than death and taxes, so we must keep our guards up fight the good fight. Our enemies want us dead, because we symbolize the good in the world and they don’t want that.

Last night we went out to dinner with Nana at the Cornmill, a typical corporate owned English pub. It was very good food and prices were reasonable. I found out that I could have spotted dick for desert; it is a traditional English sponge pudding. I had the orange chocolate cheese cake instead. An added feature of the restaurant is that they have a playground. If you want your kid to eat all of their vegetables tell them that they can not go out to play until they clean their plate off. The food will disappear and they will be running to the slides and monkey bars.

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