Sunday, June 13, 2004

I am heading in a few minutes to Munich, Germany for a few days for work. Unless I can find a computer with internet access, I will see you on Wednesday.

When we first move to Nottingham, England, we thought it be a nice sleepy town, but it has most of the ills of a modern society. When we first moved to our neighborhood, the local warden gave us a paper with a warning on it about eight burglaries. He told us that the police were slow to respond to them. One lady saw someone break into a house, she called the police and they showed up the next morning to take a statement. Our warden was not happy to tell us about this development and with a speedy American police was operating in out neighborhood. Now we just had two more burglaries on our street. Since car alarms are working, thieves are breaking into houses and stealing the car keys. The thieves will enter a house while the occupants are glued to their TV watching the soaps and then drive off with their car later on that night. This is becoming a nation wide problem. Before we used to set our house alarm on when went out, but now when we go to bed at night, we gather up our wallets, car keys, mobile phones, bring them upstairs and enable the alarm. Crime knows no boundaries.

The roll of sports in America from a societal and historical view.
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