Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The loony left loves Chomsky and here is a site to debunk a lot of his crap. When I meet some of the loony left and they start their anti-American rants, I use some of the arguments that are on this web site punch holes in their logic. Most of the time they can not grasp it, because it like deprogramming members of a religious cult.

Highway 99 just added me to his list of links, so I will return the favor. It is a good site with insightful views.

If you want to see where your child might be working in the future check this site out. You got to get them interested in the physical sciences, chemistry or other sciences. Also will you get involved in your child’s education from going to parent teacher conferences, school board meeting that will shape the curriculum and pick books that they will learn from? I will, because it is my child’s future that I am shaping today.

Now anybody can track your email and the excuse of not opening it up is gone according to this article in ZD net news. Is it time to go back to Pine?

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