Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Over at the Expat Yank Robert asks:
What if John Kerry wins? And I can't even imagine what Utah Bob, Marc, Eric and Debbye and Murdoc might do.

Here are a few related thoughts on this question.

Many people have an inflated view of the President and the powers of the executive branch. The president can not create jobs or spend money. That is up to congress to do. The constitution states that congress ratifies the budget. It is just like mom and dad at the dinner table. Who has makes the stock market move more: Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve or the president? The president can set the tone or atmosphere of the country. Ask people who can remember how America felt after Kennedy was elected. My father was asking what is with Nixon and his “phases” for the economy. Carter was trying to bring honesty back to the government and society. You could say the president is a big cheerleader. Also people invest a lot of emotional effort on the office of the president, he symbolize what is right or wrong in America based on that persons values. Look on how much money was raised by the Republican Party when Clinton was in office or Bush with the Democrats. Nothing rallies the troops or fills the money plate more than the president from the opposite party.

Before George W. Bush was elected many “celebrities” said that they would leave the US. More here. I wonder what will happen if he is re-elected? Will flights leaving for Paris be filled? I hardly doubt it, why leave your biggest market or gravy train. Will I go crazy if Kerry is elected and move to Australia or Guatemala? Nope, I will respect the office of the president, get up every morning and go on with life.

I can only answer for myself, but I will keep doing what I normally do: work, make difference and be a positive influence for those around me, my country and society in general. As an American living in England, I realize that I am an unofficial ambassador of the US. For many English, I will be the only American that they will meet in the flesh. I try to point out to them that not all Americans act like the characters in American TV shows or movies. Do all Brits have bad teeth and start riots at football games? No, all my British friends are honest and hard working individuals that are making the best of their situation. So I tell them don’t believe everything that you read or see. Many of them have been to America and generally have a good image of America.

If Kerry is elected not much will change. The late night talk host will have lots of new joke material, fund raisers for the Republican Party will have a new theme, Hollywood will be back in Washington with a bit more somber mood and life will go on for the rest of the country. I will stay in uniform, be the best father to my daughters and husband for my wife. It is the right thing to do.

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