Tuesday, June 01, 2004

This past weekend I was part of a ceremony to honor fallen American Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Coast Guard and Airmen who are buried at the Brookwood Cemetery, in Surrey England. It was a somber event with representative from the British Army, local dignitaries, British and American veterans groups, Navy, Army, US Boy Scouts, and civilians from America and England. It is moving to walk among hundreds of American graves in England. Also before the ceremony I walked among the final resting places of the French, Polish, German, Czech, Canadian, Austrian, New Zealand, Irish and thousands of British military who are buried there. It made me think, are we are willing to pay the same price for fredom that they did and to make sure that their sacrifices are not in vain?

Over at the Belmont Club there is a post that you should read. There is a silent, but powerful movement in the Army and in the rest of the military that is changing the way that we will conduct operations. The media and civilian segments of society are slow to pick up on this, since they are looking for great images or are not on the front lines face to face with the enemy or foreign societies. We are in age of integrated battlefield. There is no home front, rear area or front lines. Front line responders (police, fire departments, emergency medical) in the civilian world will be tried just like infantry, armor and other combined arms of the military to protect American society. The division between the State Department, Department of Defense, other part of the US Governement and civilian contractors will have to be fused to achieve the aims the government and people of America. What role will the media play? Will it just report the facts or interject it own biases and agenda? Since news can move across the world in seconds and operations can be staged instantaneously globally, we will have to move quicker and cover more ground to mitigate the enemy’s effects and to regain the offensive.

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