Saturday, June 12, 2004

We were in London a few days ago and since London has expensive and scarce parking, a toll to enter the city to reduce congestion and driving around it is for the insane, wifey and I thought it would be smart to take the underground in. I would advise people if you are going to take the tube give yourself lots of extra time. The trains do not show up like clock work.

Also if you have a baby pram (carriage) give it a second thought, may be a baby carrier like one from baby bjorn will come in handy because there are hardly any elevators around to get to the topside other than major stations. We could not find one at Hyde Park or at Knightsbridge. It is a blast to carry a pram up two flights of stairs . Now I am thankful to President Clinton for signing the Handicap Access Bill for all public facilities in the US. How do people in wheel chairs get to work in London?

With this in mind a taxi is starting look to be a better way around London.

If you have any rubbish (trash in American English) there are no more bins (baskets) to put it in. They were a pulled down in a security effort.

Here is the insider’s account of the massacre at Khobar Towers. I think the news media and Saudi Government are not giving use a full account.


Here is the Lace Market section of Nottingham. Lace was an important section of the economy of Nottingham and when industrialist learned how to mass produce it, it was like a gold rush for Nottingham. Building, warehouses, factories and the entire supporting infrastructure was quickly developed. In the cycle of industry, the lace industry moved to cheaper source of labor the early 1900s and this section of city laid in neglect. Now it is being redeveloped in to office space, trendy restaurants and upscale apartments.

Here is a blistering essay “Iraq and the Arab illusion" (translated article by Dr. Shakir Al-Nabulsi) (5/30/04 post)
It is good that you get to see the Arab world through their eyes in critical manner that is not accepted in the Arab world. Maybe with this type of thinking, real progress can be made.

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