Thursday, June 17, 2004

What the French really think of the US.

Why would a western woman live in Saudi Arabia? Here is an article that explains the reasons behind that decision.

Here is Bush’s campaign strategy.

Here are some photos and a description of the new Army Combat Uniform. More here. Civilians my think that it is butt ugly, but when you are in the field, who gives a rats ass about fashion? I think it is functional and I can not wait to get my first set. Also no more black boots! I wonder about how long velcro will last in the field and the noise it will make when pockets are opened. I don’t get to buy kiwi boot polish any more? Last, here is the website from the US Army PEO Soldier with all our toys

Lance Armstrong has another battle on his hands and I hope he wins this one too. He is smart to sue in the UK, since liable laws are more to his favor than in the US.

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