Monday, July 19, 2004

             While in America I rented a car and two SUVs from Budget. If you are going to rent a vehicle from Budget don’t expect to do it fast, you are going to wait in line 45 minutes to an hour if you are in Boston or at Los Angles Airport. The car we got in Boston smelled of cigars that even a cheap air freshener could not cover up.
            In LA we rented a Ford Expedition for a good price. I thought I was back in England when I filled the tank up and saw the price. It was a roomy vehicle and fun to drive; but not fast. Wifey performed ground guide duty to help me back up into tight parking spots.          
           Back in Boston for third leg of trip, we were supposed to get a full sized car, but Budget ran out so they gave us an up-grade of a Ford Escape SUV. Basically it was a four wheel drive, mid-sized car with out the trunk. It was a tad too small for me and my family.
How the Russians screwed up in Chechnya, and how we won in an urban battle and crushed a rebellion in Iraq.
Are we safer now?
Are some guys saying to hell with it and not getting married? Here is the original report. I know a few friends who will never get married and after reading this I understand their logic.

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