Sunday, July 25, 2004

A close look at the Washington Post for bias.

The kids are all right.
More here.

A possible explanation of drunkenness in Britain?

Did you have to memorize poetry as a child? I did and it was fun, even if my teachers detested Frank Zappa.

A profile of the insurgency in Iraq.

I have to been to a few airports over the past year and I am going to post of some of my views of them. The first airport is the one I have used the most this past year and the closest to my house. It is Nottingham East Midlands Airport. It is a small to medium sized airport with the two biggest airlines flying in is BMI Baby and Ryanair. It just went through an upgrade of facilities and one of the nicest parts is that it gives you free parking for the first 15 minutes. That might not sound like much, but if you are going to pick somebody up, their fight is on time, you can time it right, you will not have to pay the usual two pound or 3.5 pound fee. It is an easy airport to get to; about two miles off the M-1 motorway and the parking is good for the size of the airport. BMI and Ryanair cover the resort destinations and most big cites, except Frankfurt to my dismay.Over all it is a good airport.

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