Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The European Space Agency has found 'rogue' waves and they look nasty!

Over at SGT. Stryker there is a great essay on what is going on with America. and it has a great line:

Three years into this current war, we've invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. We've created a new Cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security. We created a "Transportation Security Administration". The nation and the government, however, are still on a peacetime footing. No sacrifice has been asked of the general populace. People are apparently still scared to fly and have no faith in the security apparatus meant to protect them. A sizeable portion of the public honestly believes that we're not at war. Three years into this thing and we're about as screwed-up a nation as we can be. If you want someone to blame for the state of things, then each of you needs to take a long, hard look into the mirror.

P wrote a nice letter to me:
… It just so happens that my wife is from just down the A-52 from you in Derby. We're both big DCFC fans, so I'm hoping you support Notts
County instead of F****t ;o)…..

Well P I hate to say my co-workers have made me into a Forrest fan. As they say, County must have been founded by Martians, because there is no atmosphere at County games. Sine P is a Derby supporter and I know must have couple a few points in his eyes, because of my loyalty to Forest. I know Derby fans are very loyal, since I saw the results of the last Forest-Derby game. It was hard to listen to that game on the radio, since my co-workers advised me not to go in person to watch the game. I said I saw a Red Sox-Yankees game, but they countered that was nothing and I would need to watch the game from the safety of a tank. They were right since there were a bit of a “bust up” with supporters and police.

This is my opinion and opinions are like noses, but I think sports teams show how a community is doing economically. Once members of a community have enough money to pay for the basics of life, they can spend excess monies on leisure items or entertainment. Sport is one of them and here in England the biggest sport is football or as us lowly colonist would say soccer. Nottingham has two football teams, Forest nd County and both teams has colorful and successful past, but times are changing and new ways to spend discretionary funds that are competing against football. This has had an impact on Forest and County, because both teams have fallen so low in their respective divisions that they have been relegated to the next lower level. So Forest is in Division two and County will be battling Mansfield in Division three. I do not think county will be relegated out of football to division four;) but their financial problems may come back to haunt them. This might necessitate Forrest and County to be merged into a Nottingham United. I mention this idea to a few local supporters and they say it sounds logical, but the supporters of both teams would be against it since there is lots of animosity between them.

So I may watch a Derby-Nottingham Forest game with P some day at a pub, tip a pint or two and have a good time.

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