Friday, July 23, 2004

Here is a screen shot of IEDs that used against the US in Iraq.

Do you really want to know how America feels? Check out this survey of consumers.  Use the public log on, it is easy to do. I know it might be boring to read an academic study, but it is better to read it yourself than have somebody else interpret it and screw up the analysis.

What would you do if you were the President, including the last scenario?

I have two daughters that I refer to Pumpkin Girl and Sweat Pea. Sweet Pea was born back in March and Wifey did not think it would not be wise if I gave her the nickname of Elvis, because she had a wild mane of hair when she was born. Sweet Pea just had her first hair cut two weeks ago for her uncle’s wedding. She is a beautiful child, who is slowly learning how to sleep in her crib.

Pumpkin is turning three in a few weeks and is sometime too smart for her age. I have bad habit of swearing sometimes and when I get frustrated I will say an emphatic adjective. You know the four letter word type. Now, guess what she says when she is frustrated? Yep, she can curse with best of the Airborne Corps. Now I am trying to raise her to be a polite lady and she is, but how do you tell a child not to swear or use a certain word with out saying it yourself?

Also I am trying to teach Pumpkin not to be a bimbo, but she LOVES Barbie dolls. I can handle that, better to like Barbie than the Bratz series of dolls. I am trying to teach a little science to her. Simple stuff like the principles of the stars, clouds, sun, moon and other basic tenants of science. Earlier this week I told her about the building block of matter-atoms. I told her “What is everything is made of? Atoms.” We did this while walking to the store earlier this week. She was answering the questing in a rote fashion. When we got home, I thought I would be the proud father and demonstrate her new mastery of physics to Wifey. I asked Pumpkin the basic physics question and her answer was-Barbies. Oh well, time to get back to the basics

A some what important date just passed me by. It was the first birthday of this blog on the 11 of July! This blog started out as to tell tales of living in Nottingham, but now I post what ever comes to mind. I like to say thank you to all those who dropped in to read this little blog. Cheers!


Deer walking around Wollaton Park.

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