Monday, July 26, 2004

Read why gas in the UK is so high.

China is going for zero population growth. I think this going to be interesting and the methods they use will raise some eyebrows. More news on China and the rest of Asia.

I was in the US for the past three weeks and the “we hate Bush” message was being put out by the media, but it was getting dull after a while. Kerry was getting most of the positive headlines, but the only question I have is where does he stand on the war on terror? I think it is answered here. All I want in the president is his first priority is to destroy al Queada. That is it. All other issues will take care of themselves. The President is sworn to defend the constitution and the greatest threat to it is Osama and his crew.

Here is a good article about other security “walls” that going up around the world and how they work.
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