Saturday, July 31, 2004

Some people will wonder about this, but for the Russians this is a great opportunity for them. They might be able to rehabilitate their reputation after their actions in Chechnya. This coupled with the sorry state of the Russian Army, this will be a boost. The Russian Army did peace keeping duties in the Balkans and there were no real debacles. This will be interesting since Russia is broke and we will have to pay for them to show up and provide logistical support. The Russian Army is not designed for peace keeping or extended duties outside of former Soviet Union.

One bonus for the Russians is that they will learn how to work with a first rate military power with all the high-tech toys that they dream about. The Russian military has lots of equipment, but it most of it is one generation behind (more here) its western counterparts and the quality has something to desire. If they show up for peacekeeping actions, this will have American and Russian troops working together to coordinate operations and intelligence and we might learn something from them. One thing I know, the Russians will be making a lot trips to the PX.

You used to see them in America, but not anymore. Fiat was one of the sporty cars that were on the roads of America, but no more. They make in-expensive cars, but not for the US. Why I don’t know. I rode in a Punto a while back it was nice and the Barrchetta looks quite good. I wonder about the quality of the cars compared to the Japanese, I figure that Fiats are no better than American built cars, but against the Japanese they will have their hands full.

There have been a series of burglaries in our neighborhood recently and someone mentioned if you have a nice car like a Mercedes or BMW, you have a good chance of your house being burglarized. I think we will be off the list with our ten year old car.

Update Forest was not relegated! On a recent post about football in Nottingham I wrote that Nottingham Forest was relegated to the second division of football. I am man enough to admit I was wrong. I hope they can make it to the Premiership this up coming season.
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