Saturday, July 17, 2004

            It good to get back to the US to see my brother get married, meet my new family, see old friends, and go shopping in the US. The wedding was great because: my brother married a good woman and since her family is from Columbia and Jordan, the wedding was a combination of Salsa music, belly dancer, and the Marina Del Rey Yacht Club. A total American affair.
            Also we stocked up on children’s clothing and other items that are half the price in the US versus English prices.
            One good part of the trip was flying on Virgin Atlantic Airlines. They are great. Every seat has a flat screen that lets you pick from 20+ movies with a channel with childrens television shows. My three year old daughter loved it! You can pause a movie, take your kid to the toilet, then hit play!
            When we were standing in line at Boston Logan Airport, they ushered us to the head of the line, since we had two young children and checked us on to the flight with a minimum of fuss with a smile.  Then when it was time to board on the airplane they lead all the families with young children separately before the rest of the passengers. Last, Virgin gave my three year old daughter a nice back pack filled with goodies!
           One surprising event was  Her Majesty’s Immigration and Nationality Directorate. They spotted us at the end of the line and whisked us to the next open official and in- processed us in a speedy and courteous fashion. It pays to travel with two cute girls!
Unbiased press? Here is a list of donations made by writers and members of the press to presidential candidates. I wonder if this influences their writings. More press bias out of Baghdad. The press is sticking words in the President’s mouth now.  How the British press slant the news on Israel.
Where the action is heading.

With reservists being activated here is the inside scoop.

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