Tuesday, August 17, 2004

A few people are having a field day or crapping their pants about this. Many of us were saying this was going to happen someday. Who is going to invade Germany? Liechtenstein? This was inevitable for many reasons, but mainly money and time. It is better to spend millions in the US than in a country that mixed feeling about the US presence. Some feel that the US will move to former Soviet military bases in the old Warsaw Pack countries, but I doubt it. It will cost a lot of money to get those faculties up to US Military standards. (more here) Some of the former Warsaw Pack bases with large training areas may get small American facility maintenance and liaison contingent to give us access, or we may just sign agreements to host training exercises. The US army has left many barracks to the Germans. Some are sitting on valuable real estate or to the dismay of the local residents; refugees or guest workers could convert them for use. This should have not been news since the US army is consolidating around Grafenwoehr. (more here)

One part of the issue that has not been raised is permanent basing of troops of in Iraq. With Kuwait providing permission to establish permanent storage facilities the US Army will be rotating troops to Iraq for the foreseeable future.

Part of the game of what kasernes or barracks will be closes, is the joke of what facility is being improved or has construction work going on it. Uncle Sam in the past closed faculties with millions of dollars worth of improvements that were just finished.

There have studies on closing bases have been going for the past years, so this should not be a surprise to anybody. Even the Germans have been studying this for 10 years.

Read Robert’s writings on this subject, it is pretty good.

Here is a good look at the Islam and banking.
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