Wednesday, August 11, 2004

A grunts view of the war in Iraq. It is more informative than the newspapers. Read his account of the engagement at Mosul, it is pretty riveting reading.
Update. Here is the Arab media's view with input from Rueters. A wee bit different.

Can someone explain this one: Arabs Caught Crossing Illegally over U.S.- Mexican Border?

I will be heading to Germany next week, so blogging may be light over the next few days.

One way to reduce car theft. I hope this starts in the US. Also England can use this, car theft is a major problem here.
Someone stole a car from a neighbor recently, by breaking in to the house, giving a snack to the dog to keep it quiet so the owners upstairs would not wake up, pushed the car down the street, and then started it up to joy ride around. A few days later the police called up and said they found it and would tow it later that day to the police station for forensic evidence collecting. The owners wanted to pull the two baby car seats and other items out and the police said no. Also the owners said could the police move the car sooner and they answered again no. Guess what happened again? The car was stolen again, waiting to be towed to the police, but this time the thieves torched the car to cover their tracks. Now the owners are waiting for their insurance company to issue a check to cover the cost of the car and that check will not amount to much since the car was old and the couple is just starting out.
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