Saturday, August 07, 2004

I was asked what is the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub was like. (The BBC page)I have been there three times taking friends or family who are visiting. It claims to be the oldest pub in England and it looks it since part of it is built in to a side of a hill and it is in a cave. Regulars put a coaster on top of their beer to keep the dust and dirt that fall off the ceiling out of their beer. It is managed buy H&H. There are a few parking spots for your car, but it is better to walk over. The prices for beer and food are consistent compared to other neighborhood pubs. It fills up quickly since it is next to a big tourist attraction. Overall it is an interesting pub to have a pint and some Kimberly pie.

The politics and economics of owning a private plane.

This book will be on my list to read.

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