Thursday, August 19, 2004

The other night I went out to the town of Schwetzingen for dinner to get a break from the US Army mess hall.
(official site in German and translated into English) and a few things came to mind:

This place is clean. It is a lot cleaner than England. There was hardly any trash or litter on the ground.

Walking around after dinner, I noticed that there are many Optical Shops. Are Germans eyesight failing as they enter there senior age? Or there are just more seniors now?

Jewelry and watch shops leave their inventory in window overnight. I know in England and parts of America that would never happen, windows would be smashed and display items would be gone.

The police or Polizei is all over the place. I seen them driving around and walking the streets. I do feel safe in the center of town.

German teenagers now flirt while eating ice cream and sending text messages to each other. All I heard while eating ice cream was seniors debating the Olympics and teenager giggling while passing mobile phones around.

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