Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Read about the combination of punk rock and sport. It is prety good. I was a snowboard instructor and I picked up on some new school punk from the younger instructors.

Can you live with out modern technology? I think I could but it would be hard.

Do you think you are a stud? Do you think you run, parachute jump, complete a military skills test and handle lots of stress? See if you can do this and other events for 60 hours none stop-with no sleep in the summer sun of Fort Benning, Georgia. C'mon you stinkin' puke magot!

This article is spot on about religion and Britain. About a third of the time, my oldest daughter is the only student in her Sunday school class and youngest daughter’s baptism was one of the few that were conducted during a regular Sunday service. Most of the few baptisms that are conducted are on Saturday or Sunday afternoons to satisfy the Grandparents. I think Sunday school is an import part of imparting Christian values early in the life of my children before modern society rears its ugly head.

Lance won the tour and can he do it again? Also how does he rate with the other great racers of history?
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