Sunday, August 15, 2004

So this is how school children of the world learn about the US.

Guess what Gene Simmons of Kiss put on his blog on August 6?

Yesterday had a day off and MSNBC'S SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY had me on the air to comment about the deluge of celebrities getting involved in politics. On the panel were RON REAGAN, PAT BUCHANAN and SCARBOROUGH.

My stance has always been the same. I am no one's mouthpiece and I have no political agenda. I was a big fan of Pres Clinton and I support Pres Bush's foreign policy. I may not agree with all of the stances our President takes (disagree on Stem Cell research, separation of Church and State, Environmental issues, and Abortion). However, this is a time of war. I can worry about the other issues next year.

Politics are very self serving. We all know the same thing....which is to say, a Terrorist doesn't really hate Democrats or Republicans. He hates AMERICANS. All this infighting within the political parties is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.
We need to shut up and get rid of the worldwide menace.
Then we can turn on each other and fight all the petty, non-life threatening political battles.

And finally and for the record, if Mr. Kerry is elected President I will certainly support him. I also believe his foreign policy wouldn't be all that different from Mr. Bush's. The troops must finish the job. NOW. And, they will.

Now I know why I thought Kiss was such a cool band when I was in high school!

Want to know what the philosophy and teachings of Al-Qa'ida? Read this interview, from one of Osama’s former bodyguards.

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Photos from Iraq that you never see in the media.

Wollaton Park is a fun [place, but the building is starting to fall a part, sadly. Notice the chain link fence around the building?
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