Monday, August 02, 2004

Sometimes I get emails from David of Politically Incorrect Observations on Reporting in the German Media By: David Kaspar and he has an interesting post that gives you insight on how the Germans see us Americans and it is not pretty:

According to (the German weekly) STERN, John Kerry may
yet fail in his quest for the presidency. Why? Because
he is too intelligent, complex and distant for an
America where “there are no gray zones.”
In an article entitled “Too Smart for
America?” STERN points out that Kerry is not the
type with whom most Americans would like to barbeque
and he isn’t fond of small talk.

The entire article implies that Kerry is too detached
and sophisticated (much like the Europeans themselves)
to be loved by simple-minded, small-talk spewing,
hot-dog eating, cola-guzzling Americans. By asking
“Is Kerry too smart for America?” and
making the points that it makes, the article is also
clearly inviting readers to ask: “Is America too
stupid for Kerry?”

And of course author Jan Christoph Wiechmann goes on
to point out that, according to Bill Clinton, 90
percent of Europeans are behind Kerry. But this
“has to remain a secret.” (...)

I have not seen a Citroen in ages in the states. They look like the French version of a Chevy. I think Citroen is owned by the French government and people tell me that the quality is average to below average. They have a some what distinctive look for some of their cars.

Justice Hall in the Lace District, Nottingham.
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