Wednesday, August 18, 2004

This article from Janes show that a water shortage might pull the carpet out from under the fantastic growth of China’s economy. Actually many countries face this problem and this might be a reason for future conflicts.

More German reaction from Bush’s decsision on pulling troops out. They actually like us, but then there is always the money angle. More here. History has showed that most communities have come out in better shape when the military leaves, so the Germans and Koreans should not worry, there will be lots of prime real estate to develop.

Would you volunteer to be a soldier at the age of 14? Here is a profile of US soldier who started out in the Bosnian army to defend his village and family from the Serbs, then joined the US Army after immigrating to the US.

Here is an interview of an Iraqi about America forces invading. The Iraqi makes a strong arugement for the US.

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