Friday, August 20, 2004

This happened in my hometown in New Hampshire and my neighbors in England would like to see more of this being done for them:
On August 3 at 3:00 a.m. the Hudson Police Department responded to 87 A Pelham Road for a burglary, which had just occurred.
Upon the officers arriving they determined that the suspect(s) had broken into a breezeway and stolen alcohol. The suspect(s) then forced open a window to the house and stole a pocketbook, which contained an undisclosed amount of money, as well as other personal belongings…..
The Hudson Police Department's Criminal Investigation Unit took over the investigation and began following up several leads. After a weeklong investigation Detective Mike Niven and Detective Doug Dubuque identified two suspects who are allegedly responsible for the burglaries. The suspects are Hudson Juveniles and each will be charged with one count of Burglary via Juvenile Petitions

There are many burglaries in Nottingham, and a few are solved. (More here)

Most of the time the police will only show up hours after it happened to process a statement. If you try to stop one, you may be going to jail, like this senior citizen.

Is America an empire? Not according to Tobias Harris author of Dread or Envy? Debating Pax Americana. We just are just too nice and busy doing our own thing to be bothered worrying about others.

Here is the last post from me about moving troops out of Europe. Ralph Peters tells about his past experiences and what it means to the troops and the US taxpayer.

How a multicultural dream went sour or living in council housing sucks.

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