Monday, August 09, 2004

While living in England, people asks who do I think will win the election? I tell them to check out the odds put out by the bookies. They have no bias; they just want to make money on predicting the future. Then I ask them do they know how the US election is held? Most think it is a simple majority vote, but it is not. I ask them do they know how many presidents won without the winning the popular vote? Most shrug their shoulders. Then people will regurgitate what they just read in the tabloids or broadsheets. When I tell them that the “reporters” only report part of the truth or slant the evidence and tell them the other side, they get baffled or try to change the subject. I tell them to do some more research and study the process, they might find it interesting, but most of the time they want the two minute answer. This is the official government web site on the Electoral College system

Here is a good primer on the system.

Steven De Beste has two good essays (one and two) on the Electoral College voting system.

Are we going to overpopulate the planet?
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