Thursday, August 12, 2004

You got to love Rodney! Caddyshack is on my list of great movies.

Ralph Peters over at the NY Post does not sugar coat his words:
Among ourselves, we need to stop pretending that Iraq is a one-time deal. We'll be in the Middle East for decades to come, in unexpected locations. Our bitter enemies — provoked by their civilization's utter failure — will continue to present us with a straightforward choice: Either take the war to them or, per Sen. Kerry, wait until they bring the war to us.

We have to deal with the world in which we live, not the one we wish we inhabited. Our tradition of passivity fostered the rise of a class of terrorists and thugs who would be delighted to slaughter every man, woman and child in America.

We need to kill them first.

Time to move inland folks! Get off the East Coast!
This isthe graph that shows you the progression of the wave with time hacks. The official report. When I live in the states, I am about 30 to 40 miles inland, so I feel, some-what safe, but will I have beachfront property if this happens?

Robert at the Expat Yank has a great essay about the Vietnam generation. I have the same feeling as he does, I am "Vietnammed out” too. The world has changed and some have learned from history. The military has and even our enemies have read the history books, but some of the media and politicians have not and are stuck in a time warp. It is easy to spot them and come November, I will know what to do to help them join the 21st century.
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