Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Do you want to know where the troops are at? Look here. One small detail, caught my eye, one of the tables has the military is planning nine brigades in Iraq in 2007. We will be there no matter who is the president. Sounds like some of the scuttlebutt is making it to the press. Here is a pretty good overview of the military in plain English with a general analysis of doctrine.

Here is a short brief on Islam for those who read junk filled newspapers, like the Mirror. It is a bit different from what Osama preaches.

Some information on military rotations to Afghanistan with a detailed listing of troops and units. This list will be outdated, but gives you an understanding what is going on, the scale of operations and what types of military forces will be there in the future. Task Force Angle and their civilian counterparts never make the news.

That is where the some of the action is at. Nothing classified, just a pretty detail listing of UN (International Security Assistance Force - ISAF 4) troops in Afghanistan. They will be replaced by the EU Euro Corps soon. More here.

Wifey and I have developed a plan to get her back to the states by mid November.
She is very organized and could be a great staff or battle officer. She is really the officer in charge of the house. I think her radio call sign should be household six.

Before I got the call to deploy I would read a few articles at lunch and if they were good, I would copy the URL to a file to store and post them to this blog. Now I will be busy clearing my desk at work, getting the wife and kids to America and preparing to deploy. I will not have time to do more reading, so I will be cleaning my to blog page off with in the next few days. After that I will be posting about the days events.

If you want to me to send you an email after I deploy let me know. It has been heartening to receive emails showing there support for Wifey, the girls and me. Many English friends are lending a hand. You would never know they would be supportive from reading the press here. The Vicar of my church told me his Grandfather served in Afghanistan with the British Army and gave him a .455 that he used. He said it was effective in keeping the enemy in the ground and I might need something similar.

I figure I will be in back home in bbq’ing a T-bone and filet mignon, drinking a beer with my wife and watching the kids play in the backyard in a few months. The road home will take me through training grounds in Germany, maybe Italy, points between Afghanistan and back to New Hampshire. Life is strange, interesting and never boring.

Here are a few small and interesting posts:

Tricks of the trade for everyday life. I like the pulling price tags off tip.

A comparison of life in New Jersey, Japan and China. Pretty good!

Do we sign a truce with Islamic Terrorist?

Last post for today.

A big congratulation to Marty and Rebecca for the birth of their new daughter! I bet she will save rock and roll!
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