Wednesday, September 15, 2004

From the New York Times:

They have taken their eye off the real ball," Mr. Kerry said, his voice almost shaking in anger. "They took it off in Afghanistan and shifted it to Iraq. They took it off in North Korea and shifted it to Iraq. They took it off in Russia, and the nuclear materials there, and shifted it to Iraq."

All I can say if the US dropped the ball, why am I going over to Afghanistan? I will remember these famous words in November.

Guess who are new friends?

Sport and reality sometimes collide.

China versus the rest of the world for jobs? Maybe this will piss off China’s neighbors more than America.

The Fantasy World of the Modern Day Protester.

The future of the EU. I think it is a bit to rosey, but what do I know.

My oldest daughter, who is three, knows something is going on. I told her that she is going back to the States in a few weeks. She tells everybody that she is “going to’merica tomorrow.” Before she would go to bed last night I had to chase the monkeys out of her room and at 2:00 am she wanted me to sleep in her bed, because she was afraid. I just want her to understand I am not leaving her because she was “bad” and I tell her everyday that I love her.

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